Jenny & Kevin

What a wedding! We had an outstanding time photographing Jenny and Kevin plus the family and friends who surround them. So much fun, this group was not shy on the dance floor, thanks to Gary H. from Midwest Sound & Light for keeping the party moving. The party rolled on from what I hear until the wee hours!

A special thanks to our hosts on both sides, we truly enjoyed this event and were happy to be a part of such a wonderful occasion.

See a slide show of the days events here.



On the morning show they are talking about purchasing a dress from resale’s a fine example my daughter’s friend just found this one and she did a model shoot for Kate and fellow photogs.

But how about Cleaners -I’ll bet there are actually dresses that get abandoned at the dry cleaners after the wedding. Brides should check all of these venues.

A special thank you to Erin our model!

Dapper DOG

While working on last weekends wedding I could not resist posting this adorable picture of the couple’s dog in front of our SMART CAR. The Tux and Top hat seem to suit him!

Christine and Mike

Madison in spring on a beautiful day what could be better? Unless you add two people who fell in love in Madison, then the potion really works!

We cannot wait to shoot this wedding which will take place at the Contemporary Museum of Art in 2010. Hold on to your hats kids, because this year will FLY by!

time to catch up-Grilling to Give

On Friday before our wedding this past weekend, we spent some time with the photography students at Oconomowoc High school. There was the opportunity to show them some stuff about posing and to talk about their new SPIDER LIGHT, and how to use it.

Then we headed outdoors to participate in Grilling to GIVE…It was there that the photography class took pictures of attendees, and made some money for the cause.

Thanks to Ms Mooney-Glatkowski who invited us to attend and work with her students.

Abigail & Brad

Long time coming, but Abby and Brad finally tied the knot. High school sweethearts, and now man and wife, these two were surrounded by friends and family helping them celebrate their day.
Abby designed one of the most beautiful weddings, right down to the details; a small Police car to taxi up the isle, their adorable dog- in a tuxedo, and flowers, fish, and finery that decked out the Chandelier Ballroom like we have never seen. The only thing enforced by the cops, was a great time.
Bank of Flowers in Menomonee Falls
Music in Motion
Chandelier Ballroom
Thanks Abby and Brad, and congratulations on a lifetime together.

See the slide show here.