Due to a football injury, Joe’s focus has changed to concentrating on basketball. No matter which sport he chooses, he’s probably a fine athlete, and was awesome to photograph!

There was a great background to work with-the rolling Kettle Moraine of Erin, doesn’t get much better than that in October.



After being cooped up yesterday in front of the computer.. I was shocked to find gale force winds and rain interfering with this senior shoot. Luckily Jennifer was very interested in studio work that reflected her passion at this time in her life…DANCE

FALL…Before you know it CHRISTMAS

How about an usual gift, that will last a lifetime, and increase in intrinsic value as time goes on.

The Art of you and your life changing events. We can hand paint your imagery to become the real heirloom that is should be.

years of painting experience, is all it takes to preform the task of making your image a work of ART.


dodging raindrops.. by using flash, reflector and trees for cover..but when it started to rumble we gave it up. I think it must have been the rain that they kept threatening us with on Saturday!

Becca & John

Madison was teaming with activity yesterday, the Badgers, the Market, and so many weddings that every portico of the Capital was clogged with wedding parties.

Our bride and groom did it right, they had the event planned right down to the fun time we had with them alone visiting areas of MAD town and avoiding the madness. Planning pays off as you will witness by their wonderful photos. Have fun on your honeymoon!!

See a slide show of the days events here.

Tina & Scott

WOW! I know I often say that at weddings but in this case I really mean WOW!!!!!
A long time coming, but there could be no other for either of these two. We first met Tina & Scott at our first destination wedding a couple of years ago, and have been hoping that they might someday call upon our services… and they did.

We were honored to be in such fine company with all the friends and family who came from many distant locations to support the happy couple. We wish these two all the best, and feel endeared to have been part of the celebration.

It was a fabulous location with the ceremony at Villa Terrace, and reception at Pier Wisconsin made for some of our best images yet (in our humble opinion).

See a slide show of the days events here.
And see all things Tina & Scott here.

Ashley & Jeremy

A great day for a wedding, these two had everything planned out so well, we had plenty of time to make some nice images, stop at Wally & Bees tavern on Freiss Lake for a drink, and still got to the reception 15 minutes early! Nicely done you two… Thanks for choosing us, and best wishes to you both.

See a slide show of the days events here.