Manitowish waters

Lucky enough to have the greatest weather, we made our business stops, and then have had some time to ourselves. There’s something to be said for disconnecting. NO TV, means no bad news, no phone, and really this is the first time on the computer, so no work. We have taken some photographs, but that’s not the WORK part of work. That’s the fun part!

We are on the flowage between Rest Lake and Stone Lake and in Manitowish Waters WI, at the Hillcrest Resort, a stone’s throw to little Bohemia where Johnny Depp filmed Public Enemy. We discovered Little Star Lake has a great beach, a fabulous place to take a dip and watch the sun go down.

Just a hair too early to see the cranberries harvested, mid to late September is the time to view those red berries being floated to market. A great time to be here though the air is warm, and the water is holding onto the summer’s heat up, and there are virtually just a few people populating the area at this time.


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