Autum Leaves

Anna and Paddy are as kinetic as they come..they were as fluid and active- as the wind and the falling leaves! But check out those smiles..someday they will really love this picture of the two of them huddled together in the leaves.


Days and Nights still confused

It’s the second day waking at 4 in the morning.. today Charlie and I decided to go downstairs to work at 5 AM. Charlie worked laboriously on edits for clients, while I used the early hours to put together the following panos from our trip. I have 5 minutes before I must start work for Artists-Eyes, so here is another view of Africa!

Amanda & Paul

Through snow, and wind, and finally sun, Amanda and Paul wittnessed how time can be lost in the swirl of wedding day. The only way to slow down the pace of such an important day is to capture it for a lifetime. Spending the day with this couple gave us the opportunity to create beautiful memories for them to share someday with their children. Best wishes to you both!
See the slide show of the days events by clicking this link.

The Many Faces of Nolan

Before we leave for Africa, we just had to go take pictures of Nolan, who is 3 months old. Really he should just be called “LiL Mike”. I was so busy playing the Clown that I hardly had the camera in my hand..Charlie and Kate took over. Notice the Duet being sung in the middle, this kid is not only the cutest, but hilarious to be with. Lucky Grandma Lin, and Grandma G, if you girls need help with the baby I’m there for ya.


Cassidy is a golfer, so there was no better place than a golf course for taking his pictures. No worries with the weather those big fat October clouds make the whole world lit by a soft box!