Mia, Fellow photographer!

Like all good PHOTOGS, getting ready for the season, Mia is working on her website. We took some head shots and I just thought I would post the ones I liked.


Amanda-future photographer

Meet Amanda, she is here with a shadowing program from her High School, learning about what it is a photographer does. Today she helped me edit, adjust, retouch and post the blog images from today’s shoot. That is probably less than 10% of all the duties a business owner/photographer does. (She won’t want to be here on the day that I am the janitor!) Good luck Amanda, you have a bright shiny future ahead of you.

Erin and Paul

This beautiful bride-to-be and her fiance´, have been planning their nuptials while carrying on busy lives apart. When they are together, the electricity is there! May, can’t get here soon enough!

Furniture as ART

Charley, artisan, and object maker combined into one, has finished yet another piece that will be going to either a business, museum, or client. He does these pieces on speculation, and sends the imagery to potential clients, such as the Smithsonian who already own an original piece.

Totally Irish..down to the Pot ‘O GOLD

Riley, born on St. Patty’s Day, a date shared by his own Mother! This little guy will be batting away the girls on St. Patty’s Day the gleam in his eye should tell ya that.

Aside from his dashing good looks, his ability to attack a cake is like none other.. he not only ate the cake.. he painted with it!

Mother’s Day is approaching!

What Mom would not like the face of their child made into a work of art? Here’s an example of a painterly approach to an image that was printed onto canvas and then hand painted.

On the left is the image painted, on the right a close up and the original photo.