the Johnson Family

We had a great time in Milwaukee with this family, hope they had as great a dinner afterward as we did!



Nolan, is one of the MEN in my life. I adore this little guy. He is the cutest, happiest fellow around. He is a nice cross between his daddy, Mike (the nose wrinkle look, fabulous personality, athletic prowess), his uncle Colin, (those eyes) and his beautiful mother Cara.

Wedding in August 2010

For anyone that follows this blog and is not aware, our household is planning a wedding for AUGUST. I now sympathize tremendously with all of the brides and their large portfolios of information.

Our family will become culturally diverse with the Addition of Alice Fiona AYO, as the wife of my son Jon. They met in her homeland Uganda, Africa, while Jon was away participating in the Peace Corps.

What looks like a lesson in cooking in these images, is actually the making of the rings for the wedding. Alice and Jon imprinted their fingers onto wax to be sent to the artist for the creation for their rings. The will appear as normal bands on the outside but have each others finger prints on the inside of the bands. Another step into the actual wedding process.

I will try to document our progress in this wedding.

Last week the invitations went out. That’s another blog! :0