Tyler’s portfolio



The wind was no match….

for the FURY unleashed when these kids were set loose to play in the leaves.


Lady Antebellum in RICHFIELD

It’s not often that a popular group plays at a gas station mid day, so I just felt we had to see what it was all about. FM 106 sponsored a 20 minute concert at a truck stop, recalling a day that they stopped there and played for 3 people. Today there was a crowd! and tonight for the Pabst they are playing to a full house.


Jordan’s portfolio



Jordan put up with our silliness…

.. and had a few laughs herself while we took her senior pictures today.


Today began with the Heart Association Run.

What a day.. I thought it was hard to get families together for after wedding shot! . But 200 people at a time??? WHEW…The way I was directing people I thought I was in the classroom teaching again. 🙂

All for a good cause..we were happy to help and delighted to be asked to volunteer.


Megan and Aaron

This cute couple is planning a winter wedding. No doubt it will be as much fun to photograph them in the cold, as it was to explore Old World Wisconsin.

Aaron, you were a great sport, “how bout them Badgers!” We got you home in time for the game and a good one it was!


Active should be his middle name…

Curious, funny, beautiful, smart, should be his first name, but they call him Nolan.
“nono” for short. I wonder why? hahaha

I am going to practice photographing mosquitoes before we do this little guy again!!! I just love him, and his mommy and daddy, we don’t get to see them enough.


Brody at 3 months

It’s great to be able to photograph the couple’s special day, and then their family. Here’s baby Brody at 3 months. We look forward to watching him grow during the next year.. and years to come.