Thanksgiving in Tennessee

We were away for a week. It has taken another week to catch up- here at the studio, so now here’s a little of what we did while away.

Mom is 89 years old and we stayed with her for a week, which gave us time to put up her decorations and bake the cookies for her. We also took her to Asheville North Carolina for an overnight visit. It is a great town of 70,000 with the feel of a small Madison. I really like the artsy feel of the whole community. It ranks right up there on our list of where we will end up.

We stayed at the White Gate bed and Breakfast, which was really charming.

Other pictures posted are from Thanksgiving, which held two purposes, it brought us all together to give thanks and to congratulate Ali and Chris on their recent wedding. The cake is a replica of the suitcase she carried to the wedding site, and the sunflowers she held. The suitcase was actually my overnight bag when I was a kid, but Ali gave it a special look by painting two figures on one side and the words, just married on the other.

The last picture in the series was a great coincidence, while at a restaurant in Asheville, Charlie noticed the hostess, and recognized her as one of our past brides! Steph and Steven have been living there for three years and love it. They manage the Mayfel’s Restaurant on College Street-great food, awesome service, and real friendly people. 🙂


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