NOT wanting to get rusty the camera went with us snow shoeing. Never fear that your calls will not be answered, Note Charlie on the cell while on the trail.


I love Puppies!

Brody could not have been cuter, sporting his animal hat for his 6 month portraits.
He has the kind of smile that lights up his entire face.

Yoga anyone?

Meet Hope, owner and yoga master at Coppertree Wellness, 1364 E Sumner St
Hartford, WI 53027

Hope will celebrate 5 years of a thriving business this spring, she has been helping others get in touch with their bodies and inner self. Watch her site for announcements that will celebrate the anniversary.

Congratulations to Coppertree Wellness and Hope for her inspirational spirit and business acumen.

Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and daughters can fight like cats at times, but when daughters are grown and understand the sacrifice mom has made, it is true enlightenment.

I think Abby has reached that point, or she would not have been so thoughtful when it came to getting mom’s Christmas gift. Abby chose to have pictures take of her and mom, it will be a moment in time that is captured with beautiful images of the two of them. This was a real gift of love.

Best-Fastest-most curious MODEL

I finally got to see one of my favorite fellows-I was missing him over the holidays, but he is a world traveler, so he’s about as hard to catch as mosquitoes. Today he had some training with the camera-notice the great picture he took of his care giver grandma! The kid’s got potential, if only his subject cooperate. “tee he”

Sneak peek @ 2011 show choir

These kids are going to rock the house this year with their cosmic choir! Congratulations to Monona Grove Show Choir and everyone who makes it happen.

Connor can really shake it. 🙂

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