Milwaukee Wedding Photographers | Touring NAPA

It’s been fun but tomorrow it’s time to go home to the snow


San Francisco Wedding Photographers | Rachel & Jake

FINALLY, what we came out West for… Take two stunningly handsome people who love each other, put them in a primo location, and let the sparks fly! We are so lucky to have the clients we have… when you have great material to work with, you just can’t go wrong. Watch in October for the second round for these two…

California or BUST/Milwaukee photographers on a quest

We began our sojourn in Las Vegas, but it was more than just fun and games, we participated in the worlds largest wedding photography convention. WPPI A convention that has given many photographers the education in business, shooting, marketing, and posing.

This year the most interesting speaker for me was Me Ra Koh, a shooter who has only had a camera for 7 years, yet her work in known all over the US. Even Oprah has held her work in high regard. She currently is appearing regularly on the Nate Berkus show. I found her words very inspirational, she was advising her audience to be confident and it would result in better work.

The above pictures were taken en route from Vegas to San Francisco. The coastal drive was breath taking.