Milwaukee photographer | photo a day-3

While hanging out here at the studio during our Open House, I decided to fulfill my photo a day.
With Charlie’s help I did these whimsical portraits of the two of us.

Even if the Open House was not an overwhelming success, I enjoyed doing these pictures.
On a side note, my previous post on Facebook shocked a few close friends, it was April Fool’s all over again!


Milwaukee photographer | photo a day-2

This is the second day of “take a picture a day challenge”. I have already decided that my format throughout this assignment will be long and narrow. At the end of the year I will produce a MINI art show by converting the images to Moo Cards, and framing them.

These pictures are not special events, or special places, instead I am celebrating my own surroundings. Today I had an appointment at the clinic, and took the camera along for the ride. I love this grove of trees not far from our studio. They have extra meaning since this is where “Spottswood Photography photographed my son Jon and his wife Alice, last August on their wedding day. Their photography was fit for a KING. Had to say that in order to celebrate the wedding today of Kate and NOT—->Charles, OOOPS!!!! Freudian slip. Prince William

Milwaukee photographer | photo a day

My good friend, Steven Spottswood has decided to challenge himself by doing a photo a day. I think he is on the right track, we all need to keep fresh, and see things that may be mundane from a whole new perspective. So Steven, “I too will take on the challenge to do a photo a day, even though we are about to enter our hyper speed season! Let’s try to keep this going..”

photo’s cold and miserable outdoors, but I just stepped to the patio, the wind created this design on my table.

Milwaukee portrait artists | Brody

It might be miserable outside, but Brody was perfect inside, just like a trained model he smiled as soon as he was placed in the lights! He is already 9 month old, hard to believe, and growing like a weed. I suggested he was going to be tall like grandpa, who came along today as an assistant, what a fabulous assistant he was! I may hire grandpa to blow bubbles on other photo shoots.

Milwaukee portrait artists | Sylvia and Roman

By far the funniest client of the day was Roman. He is so entertaining, and his sister obviously adores him for his antics. Apples never fall far from the trees and these two reinforce that phrase.

At one point in my teaching career, there was really no reason to hold class if Eric Moser was not in attendance, I think that was the ONE day he missed school that year. Now a dedicated daddy and teacher himself, he sets the pace for his son. Without a doubt, Roman will always be a gentleman and a scholar.

Now Sylvia, has the twinkle in her eye, just like mommy. She is a bit aloof like a cat, knows her mind, and will voice it if not by words, certainly body language!

Two of the most beautiful kids, both inside and out, these are just a couple of the adorable images captured for posterity.

Milwaukee portrait artists | Brady

This little guy was sporting his best tie for the shoot. As sweet as jelly beans, and cuter than any rabbit, Brady is the spitting image of his daddy. He is good natured, and bright eyed. Watch out mommy, soon he will have you running after him! Once he gets his stride there will be no stopping Brady.

Milwaukee portrait artists | Isabelle

Yesterday I was Hopping all day long thanks to parents who took the time out of their day to have Easter photos of their little chicks and wabbits. The girls all looked so
“SWEET” in their darling dresses.

Isabelle is another of my favorite models, I have watched her grow these past two years, I even witnessed her baptism. It is such a pleasure to have faithful clients with great kids!