milwaukee photographer | photo 57

Summerfest the opening day...Belaires playing the blues.


milwaukee photographer | photo 56

Why is it always 8 PM when I notice I did not do my photo of the day??? Just playing around again with harsh light and shadows. I am dieting so maybe some day I will be a mere shadow of myself.

milwaukee photographer | photo 55

Before the Storm.


milwaukee photographer | photo 54

the many faces of Sylvia….

Sweet Sylvia came by to take a swim..instead she got a fat lip when she fell off the bench 😦

She is a trooper and a swimmer, so I think she will be back.


milwaukee photographer | photo 53

In honor of Strawberry fest…


milwaukee photographer | photo 52

I bemoan the fact that I need to get the photo of the day done..but when it is done I feel complete.


milwaukee photographer | photo 51

Today was the last day of my split personality painter|photographer. I participated all week in the Cedarburg plein air competition. I am sure the results will be uneventful, seeing what other painters were accomplishing, but it was a good diversion. Painting is a bit like riding a bike, you never forget, but boy was my bike RUSTY. These were my two entries.


milwaukee photographer | photo 50

If only the frog sounds could be heard as you view this. They were all happy to have more rain than we need.


milwaukee photographer | photo 49

Painted today, dodging raindrops, trying to see clearly in fog, and with a chill off the river, yet it was fun. I am never satisfied with my work but I like the process.
This theater has been calling me all week while I am in Cedarburg painting, Art Deco architecture always reminds me of Edward Hopper, especially his painting of the blonde leaning against the wall in a theater like this.


milwaukee photographer | photo 48

Rain Rain Go away….I want to Paint tomorrow in Cedarburg.