Sheboygan Wedding Photographers | Tabitha & Matt

Hot, hot, hot…
That’s Tabitha and Matt, they are a hot couple. This outdoor ceremony was tinted with purples and yellow, and took place in nature’s cathedral. Surrounded by rippling water, blowing grasses, and hum of bees there was an air of excitement as friends filled the outdoor auditorium.

Sheboygan Falls is in full bloom and summer’s splendor this time of year so it was fitting that they came home from Washington DC to tie the knot.

See a slide show of the days events here.


milwaukee photographer | photo 92 July 30

Like the sun radiating into these shallow waters, she licked our skin as we worked. It was a hot July day, but not to complain, just to make notation, because I will miss July when it exits tomorrow. The hot day ended in a beautiful sky, on our way home.