milwaukee photographer | photo 183 October 29

A gloomy, chilly, day. Tomorrow is All-Hallows’-Eve, so my picture will help add to the chill.


Milwaukee photographer..leaving it to the pros..

We are photographers, not well versed in tree trimming so we called in a pro for a little help. Former groom, Tom Langford, runs a trimming service and knows what to cut, when to cut it, and how to get the job done. He did a great job on our trees Saturday and says this is a perfect time to be trimming the trees preparing for next springs growth.
Contact Tom, no job is too big or too small,

milwaukee photographer | photo 178 October 24

If you have been watching this blog, you will note that I have been doing a photo or two a day since May. It’s time to unveil some of them as a group along with my fellow photog, Steven Spottswood, who was my inspiration to begin this project.
so here it is

SIPS + SHOTS=a wine tasting and viewing of our daily shots.
When? Friday Dec. 2nd
Where? 113 East Washington Street
Time? 6-9pm, or until the wine is gone!
Everyone is welcome, come see the photographic art, and share good wine and conversation.