milwaukee photographer |Konrath family

Its tough to get families together these days, and even tougher to have everyone look great in a portrait. When dealing with large groups our recommendation is don’t shoot large groups, shoot each family and put them together. 🙂

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milwaukee portrait photographer | Mollie-AUTHOR

Sometimes…Marriage fails. People die. We realize we can’t save the world. In the chaos of trying to escape our own path of darkness, we say something, or meet someone, or do something…that changes…everything.
In my novel, MOON DUSTERS, military and civilian lives spiced with struggles collide…and a realization forms: that sometimes somewhere somehow, we turn pain…into purpose, tragedy…into triumph, and impossible odds…into passion-driven dreams.

MOON DUSTERS is plotted as a love story…a love for each other, but more so a love for finding one’s true purpose in life…and not being afraid to live that purpose even if you’re the only one that knows it’s yours.

MOON DUSTERS is interlaced with a non-profit organization, On Purpose Journey, which currently encourages and assists combat Troops overseas and veterans with post war life. More information about On Purpose Journey Inc. is available at

MOON DUSTERS will be published in the next 45-90 days.

Milwaukee Wedding Photographers | Megan and Aaron

What a delight on a cold January day, Megan and Aaron had a perfect event from start to finish.
This couple and their family members put a lot of effort and planning into this wonderful affair, and it shows in the details. Thank you for choosing us to photograph one of the most important events in your life, moments in time that can never be recreated.
See slide show by clicking HERE
Venue: Hyatt Regency downtown Milwaukee
Florist: Flowers by Cammy, LLC
DJ/entertainers: FireMan Jim Productions


milwaukee photographer | photo 278 Jan 28

YES!!! Fresh snow, now let’s hope we get flurries in the evening..looking forward to some special photography for a special couple.


milwaukee photographer | photo 277 Jan 27

May the snow gods bring flurries for Megan and Aaron’s wedding…cross your fingers the white stuff is going away.


milwaukee photographer | photo 276 Jan 26

Powerful structures, also a possibility for this weekend’s wedding.


milwaukee photographer | photo 275 Jan 25

What do you think, a good setting for a black and white wedding?


milwaukee photographer | photo 274 Jan 24

Checking out the Parkway by Whitnal Park, these deer went undisturbed as cars drove by, the food was by far more interesting.


milwaukee photographer | photo 273 Jan 23

The madness continues like the repetition of fence posts.


milwaukee photographer | photo 272 Jan 22

Perhaps a thaw will was away this tender leaf, for now it becomes art, complimentary colors and placement in the frame are all considerations.