milwaukee portrait photographer | Mollie-AUTHOR

Sometimes…Marriage fails. People die. We realize we can’t save the world. In the chaos of trying to escape our own path of darkness, we say something, or meet someone, or do something…that changes…everything.
In my novel, MOON DUSTERS, military and civilian lives spiced with struggles collide…and a realization forms: that sometimes somewhere somehow, we turn pain…into purpose, tragedy…into triumph, and impossible odds…into passion-driven dreams.

MOON DUSTERS is plotted as a love story…a love for each other, but more so a love for finding one’s true purpose in life…and not being afraid to live that purpose even if you’re the only one that knows it’s yours.

MOON DUSTERS is interlaced with a non-profit organization, On Purpose Journey, which currently encourages and assists combat Troops overseas and veterans with post war life. More information about On Purpose Journey Inc. is available at

MOON DUSTERS will be published in the next 45-90 days.


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