Here we go again…

In order to have more functionality for this blog, we have to host it from our own website, which means we will be asking you to re-establish the link one more time again if you’re following us, because it means the web address has to change yet again…

Sorry for all the hoop jumping but hopefully it will mean better ways for everyone to see the stuff… so it will look virtually the same with the exception of the URL address which will now be

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Milwaukee Photographer | Family photo

It is that time of year..Every Mother wants a picture of their family, what a great Mother’s Day gift for Sue!  Her beautiful family is growing, and it will be great to document that growth.  Even though it was a chilly morning everyone had a good time getting their photo taken.  Besides they were all promised a breakfast to follow!

Milwaukee Photographer | 3.6.5 #338 March 28

If you are looking for relaxation, fun, and a few drinks come to Uptown Art Uncorked.  Charlie and I, are the painting instructors on April 21st.

The image is a sample canvas I created from the simple concept of a leaf.  These classes are for all ages, talent or no talent, reasonably priced and you go home with an original work of art.


Milwaukee Photographer | 3.6.5. #337 March 27

Break time, and time to get some exercise, if only we did this religiously!


Milwaukee Photographer | 3.6.5 # 336 March 26

Skunk cabbage and blossoms


Milwaukee Photographer | 3.6.5. # 335 March 25



Milwaukee photographer | 3.6.5. #334 March 24

It doesn’t take much..warm weather, rich soil, a few worms, scattering of the seed, and

BINGO we have sprouts!

Milwaukee Fashion Photographer | FACETS

Milwaukee Fashion Photographer | FACETS

Friday was rainy outside, but spring fashions took the stage inside.  Mary Mendla of FACETS fashions is introducing a new maternity line and NIA exercise line.  You can also find Mary’s designs on ETSY. Advertisements


Milwaukee Photographer | 3.6.5 #333 March 23

A TWIST on Tiramisu….

*One rectangular store bought sponge cake, 3 ounces strong coffee, 3 ounces Coffee tequila (direct from Mexican distillery)

*2 containers of Marscapone cheese and 1 and a half cups of powdered sugar-beat until smooth

dredge the cake slices in the tequila and coffee mixture, add to individual serving dish, top with dollop of cheese mixture and repeat.

top layer should be cheese mixture, now sift cocoa powder over the top…..MMMMMMMMMMMM…enjoy


Milwaukee Photographer | 3.6.5 #332 March 22


The work has begun, transforming the yard, or at least helping to mold nature in the shape we wish.